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Meet Our SuperHero Success Stories
Listen To Their True Stories From Scratch

Bill Stiber

“So I signed up. I went through the process and I just kept on looking...I mean, this first product I picked was ‘no way people are going to buy this...It's a small $12, $13, $14 item.’ 
But I did, and I'm probably selling 
... I'm almost selling 2,000 a month now.”

Andrew Briggs

“The fact that I got sales on the first day was a relief but also very exciting. It was hard to believe, to be honest. I was looking at it thinking, “Is that wrong? Why would there be two sales in the first day?” Since then...I’ve just been re-investing and making larger orders each time.

Deborah & Verity Sewell

"I wake up in the morning and when I look at my emails, there’s all these sales and I love that, that I can just look at my phone and realize that I’ve had money coming into my account whilst I’ve been sleeping. It is a reality, it’s not something that people just say that it can happen and it doesn’t, it actually is possible with this sort of business."

Paul Bewley

"It was just the level of content, it was very, very thorough. I liked as well there were lots of videos but very, very short. What I liked about the course as well was the fact that you do a module, then you learn a module and then you actually take action."

George McGonigal

Marketplace Superheroes makes it clear that this is not a get rich quick scheme. There’s no wild boasts about what can and can’t be achieved because it very much depends on the effort you put in. 

And my advice to other people would be to put that effort in and to stick with it.

Michael Yoss

"Just in my dealings with Stephen and Robert they really take an active interest in us as individuals and us as our businesses, and they don’t just shuffle ... At least to my way that I’ve seen, they don’t just push you off to the side. So I find that to be extremely beneficial. I find it to be extremely good feeling that we’re just not there to give them our money."

Robert Wright

Frankly it’s very neat to me, here I am, sitting in the middle of Kentucky and I’ve sold products to people in Germany and Spain and Italy and France in addition to throughout the United States. That’s a really cool thing to say and it just makes you feel pretty good.

Kriss Hass

"The community’s fantastic. What I would say about the community is that every time I have posted a question, it’s literally been answered pretty much within an hour, or two. That is amazing, really. Most times you go on forums with questions and you may get an answer within a day. Often some of these questions I needed quite quickly."
For over 20 cumulative years both Robert Rickey & Stephen Somers (co-founders of MPSH) have sold millions of dollars of simple, every day physical products globally on Amazon in multiple niches without any outside funding. In just 2 years the MPSH community has generated millions in revenue and has become the #1 place to learn how to build a sustainable, global Amazon empire.
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