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Need Help? Email Now
How To Make Your First $10,000 On Amazon Even If You’re A Complete Beginner With No Experience & No Track Record Of Success
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From: Stephen Somers
RE: The Secret To Making A 5 Figure Income On Amazon

Dear Friend,

Have you been struggling to figure out how to build a business online that can replace your monthly ‘job income’ but you continually buy course after course and keep coming up short?

Maybe you’ve been trying for a long time and at this point you feel like you’re destined to remain an ‘info junkie’ who is always ‘one something away’ from succeeding but never actually going anywhere.
You know how it is. It’s always...

One course…
One idea…
One book…
One mentor…

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally be able to ‘take yourself off the market’ and become 100% focused on ONE simple business that has the power to make you significant income when you fully commit and say goodbye to the shiny objects?

Listen, if any of the above sounds like you, don’t worry.
I was literally in the exact same position as you just 8 years ago (likely worse actually!)

You see, I used to think that succeeding in business took having a game changing invention or incredible business idea.

I thought that it involved selling something that absolutely nobody else had EVER thought of before.

In other words...I thought that the only thing that mattered was a 100% unique idea.

That my friend, I’m happy to say is completely false.

As a matter of fact, not only is having 100% unique, never-before-seen ideas not a requirement to be successful with a business.

It’s actually the recipe for disaster.


Because the market should always tell you what they want to buy and you simply provide that to them over and over again.

Before I learned about the power of selling on sites like Amazon, I was a serial course buyer.

I poured hours of my life into trying to figure out ‘how to become an entrepreneur’ online but the only result I ever achieved was becoming poorer and extremely confused.

The breakthrough for me was when I met my now business partner, Robert Rickey.

Robert had a business that sold his own, branded products on sites like Amazon and eBay.

The problem for Robert was that he owned warehouses and had a ton of staff working for him.

He was the classic, frustrated business owner.

That said, he knew EXACTLY how to find products that people wanted to buy on these websites and he had an incredibly simple method for finding these types of products.

Luckily for me, he took me under his wing and showed me exactly how it was done.

The biggest thing I learned from him was that selling products on Amazon and building a full time business didn’t take genius level business skills or years of prior experience.

No, it took 3 simple abilities:

1 The ability to have the market (a.k.a Amazon customers) tell you what they were buying by learning to ‘read’ the market on Amazon

2 The ability to figure out how to create better quality / better value versions of these winning products

3 The ability to get your new, branded version of that product (complete with a better offer) in front of Amazon customers around the world (not just on

Once you know how to do those 3 things, you will finally understand how to create a real income online selling your own, simple, branded products on Amazon.

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