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Our flagship offer at Marketplace SuperHeroes is called The Core 2.0 Program. Inside the program, Robert & Stephen teach you absolutely everything you need to know about building a 5 - 7 figure global Amazon business from scratch, even if you've never started or built a business before.

This program is basically the A-Z of finding and launching your first products on Amazon.
The price point of the program is $997 USD or $397 x 3 (for a live webinar, we also optionally add in a $97 x 12 payment plan in the closing days of the promotion as an additional way to convert prospects to buyers).
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Webinar Conversion Stats


Webinar Registration Rate: 75.57%
Registrants: 1,355
Webinar Attendees: 390
Sales On Webinar: 78
Webinar Conversion Rate: 20%
Total Sales: 160
Total Revenue: $159,520


Webinar Registration Rate: 68.82%
Registrants: 726
Webinar Attendees: 189
Sales On Webinar: 26
Webinar Conversion Rate: 13.76%
Total Sales: 64
Total Revenue: $63,808


Webinar Registration Rate: 62%
Registrants: 2,166
Webinar Attendees: 652
Sales On Webinar: 182
Webinar Conversion Rate: 27.9%
Total Sales: 268
Total Revenue: $267,196

PARTNERS Payout stats

Commissions 2020

We've paid out to date :


Commissions 2019

We've paid out:


Hear From Our Partners...
"Stephen and I have been partnered together over the last few years, and together we have helped thousands of people build Amazon businesses, and that's been a super rewarding experience"

"Stephen has this amazing ability to take a complex subject and break it down into easy to understand terms, so that people can take action"

"If you are considering working with Stephen...then, without hesitation, I would recommend that you do so!"

- Tatiana James
“We’ve built up thousands of customers together.” 

“I really enjoy working with these guys. They’re the real deal, and they practice what they preach.” 

“I get excited any time I hear about any projects that they’re doing because I know they’re going to be good projects, and they’re going to deliver the goods.”

“If you’re looking to work with people who are serious about putting out good products and looking after customers, I would absolutely recommend working with Stephen and Robert.”
Hear From Our Members...
What We Cover On The Webinar
  • PILLAR #1: How to make $18,750 in net profit selling just 5 simple, every day products on Amazon  (100% possible even if you're a complete beginner with zero experience)
  • PILLAR #2: The simple 4 step process that reveals low competition, profitable products you can  easily source, brand & sell (99% of other sellers will never even consider selling these) 
  • PILLAR #3: Why investing money to start an Amazon business is infinitely better than losing money by leaving it in the bank (or risking it on Real Estate or MLMs)
What’s Included In The Program
(Please note, the offer/stack changes slightly from
 time to time as we update the program) 
  • MPSH Core 2.0 System - Grab our entire step-by-step program that will teach you how to build a global Amazon business from scratch ($2997 Value)
  • 4S Product Finder - Get lifetime access to our proprietary tool that will help you choose the best products to sell in your Amazon business ($997 Value) 
  • FB Mastermind - Lifetime access to our Facebook Mastermind group. We now have over 5,500 of our Heroes in there asking questions every day and getting near immediate help from our coaching / mentoring team ($997 Value)
  • ​Lifetime Ecosystem Access - Grab your Ecosystem account and have a world of incredible MPSH services and softwares at your fingertips, ready when you need to add them to your business ($397 value). 
  • ​BONUS: 2 x Expert Product Validations - We'll look at two of your products over video and tell you whether or not we'd invest in them if we were in your position - we'll treat this as if we're your business partner who is financially invested ($1497 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Multi Day Elite Bootcamp - We've included our entire 6 day LIVE event Bootcamp that Heroes paid THOUSANDS to attend. In the recordings, we share the entire step-by-step journey of how to take your Amazon Business from zero to launch ($997 Value)
  • ​BONUS: MPSH Fast-Track Call - Work with one of our MPSH success coaches and get set up the right way. We'll help you get your business started quickly & profitably, and give you a game plan for your first 30 days with us ($497 Value)
  • ​BONUS: 100 Product Ideas in 7 Days - Watch Robert find product idea after product idea and follow along and get almost instant results. This will help you find 100 product ideas in well under 7 days. ($497 Value)
  • ​BONUS: MPSH Partnership - We'll show you how to make your enrolment fee back in less than 30 days ($1497 Value)

Total Value: $10,373

For a promotion of our Core 2.0 program, we pay 45% commission on collected cash. 
So, for a $997 sale, we would pay $448.65.

A $97 payment (as part of the $97 x 12 payment plan) would generate $43.65 in commissions.
We typically make 50% payment once the promotion has ended and the remaining collected commission would be paid 30 days after the promotion has ended (ie. once the 30 day refund window has closed).

As the remainder of the payment plans get collected, we pay them out monthly.

If you choose to go the CPL or Cost Per Lead route, we would guarantee between $3-5 USD per lead that comes in through your funnel as opposed to paying you a commission on each sale.

If you are running an “evergreen” promotion with us, ie. mailing out about MPSH regularly, we make payment monthly based on commissions/leads earned for the previous month.
Our “No-Stress” Promotion Policy
We operate a strict “no-stress” promo policy here at Marketplace SuperHeroes.
That means, we’re really focused on removing all the heavy-lifting here for you, so you can integrate this promotion seamlessly into your world.

We have created custom high-converting email swipe for our Core 2.0 program that you can simply grab, make any quick tweaks you need to, and schedule out the emails.
We will also take care of hosting all live webinars, replays and all webinar support.

If we’re running a live webinar, you’re more than welcome to join us live (we run all webinars on GoToWebinar) as it often really works well to build trust between your audience and MPSH.
We will send you a link to join the webinar in advance of it taking place.

A webinar with us is typically 90 mins long (but can vary slightly depending on the Q&A portion of the webinar).

Additional Ideas To Maximize
Our Promotion Together

Engagement Week

We can also create an “engagement week” for partners, where we create value-based emails, teasing the topic for the Webinar Registration and Launch the following week.
These engagement emails work really well for introducing your audience to the topic (especially if they’re not familiar with this kind of business) and getting them excited for the webinar.

Interview Stephen

Some partners also like to record/schedule a YouTube interview or FB live-stream with Stephen to further drive traffic to the webinar, so this is something that can also be arranged at this point.

Contact Details

Contact Person:
Lisa Foley

Head of Partnerships and Joint Ventures

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