Start An International eCommerce Business From Scratch...
We've sold over $10m of physical products online & we'll teach you everything step-by-step
The Step-By-Step eCommerce System
Marketplace SuperHeroes is an 8 Week, 13 Module, online course that teaches you exactly how to find, brand, import & sell your very own brand of physical products on the world's number one eCommerce marketplace.

Every module is delivered with a mixture of high quality video presentations, screen-shares & downloadable content that will teach you every single step in an 'over the shoulder' style.

Just follow along with each video & implement what you learn to start building your business.

Here's What's Inside The System...
Get Ready To Learn Everything We Know!
We cover every single aspect of building an eCommerce business on the world's top marketplace in exhaustive detail.

Every module is clearly laid out with short, engaging step-by-step videos that will teach you exactly what you need to do in the exact order that you need to do it.

You'll never find yourself wondering what your next step is - just scroll to the next video and you'll discover the next set of actions that you need to complete to get specific results.

We've spent over 10 months working tirelessly to make sure that this is the most in depth and easy to digest course in the world. 

Get ready to make incredible progress right from the get go!

What Exactly Will I Learn?
A Tiny Sample Of The Journey
  • How to find unlimited streams of potentially profitable product ideas 
  • The mental framework that will help you to start thinking like a successful seller
  • Specific product categories you must avoid at all costs
  • Discover exactly how to calculate product profitability to the penny before you buy
  • How to reduce risk & decide which products have the best potential
  • The step-by-step blueprint for creating world class physical product brands
  • How to find & negotiate with your suppliers (word-for-word scripts included)
  • Get the import process that's helped us to import over 450,000 physical products 
  • The best way to out market your competition
  • How we achieve product conversions of over 30%
  • Expand your business internationally with ease
  • And so so much more...
We've Built Software Just For You...
There's No Fairy Dust Here - These Tools Are Critical
When you join Marketplace SuperHeroes you get lifetime access to our custom built product research tools.

We built this software to help run our international eCommerce business because there were no tools on the market that could deal with a business that imported products & sells online.

That's why we invested thousands of dollars into building our Xcellerator Tools.

You'll use these tools to help you complete your product research, control stock, manage import orders, monitor sales & manage cashflow.

You won't be able to live without these tools...we know that we can't!
We're Building An Incredible Community Of Retailers
Our members range from absolute beginners to $1m+ business owners
Meet George
Jenna & Jorge
Frequently Asked Questions
What Is This?
Marketplace SuperHeroes is an 8 Week, 13 Module online course that teaches you exactly how to start an international eCommerce business where you'll find, import, brand & sell physical products on the world's number one eCommerce platform.
Do You Still Sell Products Or Just Teach?
Yes we still sell products online and our business is still growing. The reason we've chosen to teach this is because we understand what it's like to be trying to start an eCommerce company. It's extremely hard to get reliable information. We want to graduate world class retailers.
Does This Work?
We've been selling online for over 20 years cumulatively. Of course, we can't guarantee your success however, we feel that this course will put you in an incredibly strong position to succeed with your business once you've learned everything that we teach.
Can I Do This Anywhere In The World?
Yes. It doesn't matter where you live, you can sell internationally. In fact, with our process, you'll never personally handle the products if you don't want to.
How Is The Program Delivered?
Once you join, you'll get access to our training area. Every week you'll receive new videos that'll guide you through the entire process from absolute scratch. You'll complete specific exercises as you go through the program to get your business off and rocking.
How much does this cost?
We have an application procedure in place to ensure that this is only taken by suitable candidates who are in a good position to start an online business. We'll send you out application details once you sign up with us for more information. You can do that by clicking the button below.
Can I Do This At Home?
Yes this is completed 100% at home in your own time. All you need is internet access to log into the member's area.
Should I Quit My Job Before Starting?
We advise you to not to leave your employment prior to joining. This kind of business takes both time and investment to build successfully. Having an income stream will be extremely useful to you while you're growing your eCommerce business.
How Long Does This Take To Complete?
We recommend that you spend an hour a day completing the research exercises that we'll give you. This business requires up front time to save time in the future. If you'll complete the work, you'll get the results.
Are There Any Live Calls?
Yes we conduct live calls periodically. We'll let you know via email when we are going to conduct one once you've joined the course. We'll take questions and answer them on the calls.
How Do I Know If I've Been Accepted On The Course?
We'll reach out to you personally via email or a Skype / Phone call.
Is This Expensive?
This course isn't a low cost program. The reason for that is because we've created an extremely high quality system that is incredibly valuable. You'll find that the returns you can achieve from the program are far in excess of the cost. That being said, it is affordable to the majority of people.
I Need To Make Money Fast
This is not the program for you. It is not a get rich quick scheme. Please don't apply if you need to make money fast or you're in debt.
Does This Require Additional Investment?
You'll need to invest in the stock that you plan to sell yes. This amount is of course completely up to you. We'll tell you exactly how you calculate this and so much more inside the course.
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